At 57% ABV, this is a high strength, juniper-forward gin with a subtle hint of lime.

What is Navy Strength Gin?

Bottled at 57% ABV, ‘Navy Strength’ gin harks back to when the British Royal Navy stored barrels of gin below deck, next to stocks of gunpowder. In case of leaks or spillages, the crews needed to ensure the gin had a high enough ABV to be flammable and therefore ‘gunpowder proof’, so the gunpowder would still burn.

The liquid

The higher ABV of Navy Strength amplifies the aroma of the botanicals, whilst delivering the balanced, elegant character that Whitley Neil is so well known for.

Juniper takes centre stage, met with a touch of fresh lime peel along with coriander seed, angelica root, liquorice root powder, and dried orange peel.

The use of lime as the lead citrus is a nod to the limes the British Navy gave its sailors to ward off scurvy, which also gave rise to their nickname ‘Limeys’ amongst American sailors who were dubious about this technique.