July 18, 2019

Parma Violet; this summers must-have gin

Barman making Whitley Neill Parma Violet cocktail

Gin is a quintessential British tipple and synonymous with these long summer evenings – few things beat lounging in the garden with a gin in hand. But this year, why not give your G&T a violet-inspired twist?

Our range of traditional English gins take inspiration from around the world, and our delicious handcrafted Parma Violet Gin is no exception as it’s heavily inspired by the beautiful Italian countryside.

A sip will grant you bright, vibrant flavours of juniper followed by floral notes, courtesy of the violet. Sounds delicious? Just wait until you taste it! You can stock up now from Waitrose online and be prepared to have discovered your new favourite gin.

Who are Whitley Neill?

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to notice great gin when it crosses your lips. Johnny Neill had his first sip from a bottle in his grandmother’s collection, stored under the stairs in her home.

It was this moment that made him want to learn more about the complex distilling process used by his family for decades – since 1762.

Under his grandmother’s supervision, he learned how the taste of gin could be transformed simply by infusing the crisp, sharp juniper berries with a blend of other flavours and aromas.

His newfound knowledge and skills resulted in the creation of our original Whitley Neil Gin, a drink that’s scooped numerous gold awards at the world’s top spirit competitions.

Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin

English gin, Italian elegance

What’s perhaps contributed to our success is the commitment to creating intense and authentic flavoured gin…that still tastes like gin!

Our Parma Violet Gin is no exception and strikes that perfect balance; the aromatic violet flower infuses a subtle, floral note with the traditional gin.

You’ll taste violet and juniper, along with more subtle botanicals like coriander seed, angelica root, sweet orange and liquorice.

How to drink it

How do you like your gin? The great thing about our Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin is that it’s as versatile as it is delicious. To appreciate the full flavour – at least once – serve on its own over ice, with a small squeeze of lemon for that finishing touch.

You might want to impress your guests at your summer party by mixing up some cool cocktails. Mix our gin with prosecco and you have yourself a classy Parma Violet spritz. Or, combine with apple juice, freshly-squeezed lime juice and elderflower cordial for a tasty twist on the classic English Garden – just remember to garnish with mint leaves and cucumber.

Of course, gin and tonic is the classic combo. Take a look at our Whitley Neill pairing wheel for the perfect mixer.

Add some fun and flavour to your summer with Whitley Neill Parma Violet Gin – soon to become the best bottle in your drinks cabinet! Buy from Waitrose online today.